Medical Records Storage and Retrieval


Medical record storage and medical data management is a real problem today. Given the HIPAA legalities and the resultant issues it is imperative that data storage and security be in place. Today the health care industry is scrambling to be sure that they are in compliance with the legal mandates to which they must comply. From the storage of electronic medical records to storage of xrays and other media, as well as easy retrieval, HIPAA mandates must be met for each.

Fireproof storage of media, secure electronic medical records storage, easy retrieval and backup of medical data are all things that concern every medical professional in the world.

So much so in fact, that today’s medical professional is constantly on the lookout for innovation and security for a reasonable cost. Concerns about space, accessibility to records, cost of storage, and compliance with regulations are uppermost in everyone’s mind when it comes to medical records storage.

New Jersey patient records storage must be secure, must be easily retrievable and must be housed in a specific way in order to comply with HIPAA mandates, but finding that kind of storage isn’t always easy.

Selecting a storage venue and a backup retrieval facility for your healthcare information is among the most important decisions you will make for your healthcare facility in New Jersey. HIPAA mandates a secure off-site storage of electronic medical records as well as paper file management for all varieties of medical records. Finding support for your facility is a matter of pre-planning and careful perusal of the facilities which are available to you for your use.

Radius 180 fully understands and appreciates the need for secure and careful management of medical records. Your data management and storage is in the hands of professionals who will exercise diligence in every portion of the storage, backup, and retrieval of medical records for your facility. Each medical facility will require custom solutions to their particular problems. Radius 180 is fully cognizant of the issues that your medical facility faces and fully capable of meeting your needs with regard to HIPAA regulations for medical data storage and retrieval.

With custom plans and services for each health care facility, you will receive flexible solutions to your medical data storage and management issues that will give you security and peace of mind. New Jersey medical record storage is safe and secure in the hands of professionals. Your medical records are stored in fully secure venues, while in the event of any problems, your backup retrieval is easily accomplished.


Source by Dave L Roberts